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Marinà Rituals Wabi Sabi Euphoria UNISEX Artisanal Fragrances 30ml (Special Moments Series)

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Introducing Metáfora, our carefully curated perfume collection of iconic moments & irresistible mocktails. Infused with Phero-Müsk, each fragrance uniquely unfolds on you - adding a touch of confidence to every step.

Origin of Mariná Rituals Phero-Müsk:

Our brand's secret ingredient since 2022, Phero-Müsk, or pheromone oil, has become a cult favorite for our customers. It takes center stage as the signature scent in this empowering new collection.

Hit The Right Spots:

Spritz from a 10-15cm distance. Much like your favorite fragrance or essential oil, it’s best to apply this perfume to pulse points. These points, where the body produces greater heat—wrists, the base of the neck, center of the chest, inner elbows, hair and scalp, and behind the ears—create an intimate warmth, and an alluring aura.

Specially Made For You To Feel & Be More Confident!

- Always find yourself having issues with your partner?

- Or your partner is giving less attention?

Don’t you worry! We have just the solution for you. 

Proven to be effective with scientifically-proven aphrodisiac essence & pheromones!

Do you want to:

- Smell good, look good, boosts confident & look appealing?

- Your partner will be more flirtatious without you realising?

- More eyes on you?

Effects of using Phero-Musk:

-Look sexier & appealing!

-Win your partner’s heart again!

-Your relationship will get better spontaneously!

-Your days ahead will be much better!

-Bring your relationship closer!

The BEST time to use our fragrance:

  • When your partner is “cold” towards you.
  • When working.
  • When doing the deed.
  • Going out for interviews or appointments.
  • Going out on a date with your partner.