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Set Mini - Bulan & Malam

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RM 49.00
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RM 49.00

Because two is better than one! Bulan & Malam in mini size.
Extrait De Parfum, 5ml + 5ml.
Perfect for layering!

Specially Made For You To Feel & Be More Confident!

- Always find yourself having issues with your partner?

- Or your partner is giving less attention?

Don’t you worry! We have just the solution for you. 

Proven to be effective with scientifically-proven aphrodisiac essence & pheromones!

Do you want?

- Smell good, look good, boosts confident & look appealing?

- Your partner will be more flirtatious without you realising?

- More eyes on you?

Effects of using Bulan & Malam.

✨ Look sexier & appealing!

✨ Win your partner’s heart again!

✨ Your relationship will get better spontaneously!

✨ Your days ahead will be much better!

✨ Bring your relationship closer!

The BEST time to use Bulan or Malam.

🔥When husband is “cold” towards you.

🔥When working.

🔥When doing the deed.

🔥Going out for interviews or appointments.

🔥Going out on a date with your partner.