Aphrodisiac Perfume to Seduce Your Partner - Does It Work?

Aphrodisiac Perfume to Seduce Your Partner - Does It Work?

Have you ever heard that scent is very much correlated with memories? It’s true. One spray of your teenage perfume would bring you back down to memory lane of your high school years, old crushes, teenage drama, and everything else. Sounds familiar?

When it comes to scent, there are plenty of ways it could trigger your emotion and memory. For centuries, perfume has been widely used by people for various purposes, but one thing we cannot escape is how perfume helps boost our confidence and makes us feel sexy too!

What is an Aphrodisiac Perfume?

Aphrodisiac perfumes are fragrances from particular notes that help to stimulate sexual desire and boost your romance. Aphrodisiac perfume is not new as they have been popular sensual perfume people would go for. They have been in the market for long with a sole purpose, which is SEDUCTION. 

And…ehem…we’re releasing our own aphrodisiac perfume soon! Stay tuned and watch this space.

Let us dive into each fragrance to understand them further.


Since ancient times, bergamot has been used as a traditional aphrodisiac. The aroma perfectly captures the romance of summer, will drive away gloom, and promote joy and self-assurance. Bergamot can help you feel better about yourself and improve your mood.


Did you know that violet is the official flower of Valentine’s Day? How romantic! In ancient folklore, the violet flower was used as an aphrodisiac and as a love potion. That’s intriguing, right?

Orange blossom 

Studies figured out that the citrus scent could help to enhance sexual desire as well as alleviate stress and anxiety, making it the perfect scent to improve you and your partner's mood.


Being the most-liked scent globally, vanilla not only makes you smell more appealing but also makes your partner crave you more.


It is believed that smelling coffee beans will awaken your nasal receptors, allowing you to continue to smell the other scent in your perfumes better. Isn’t this a wake-up call to your partner?


The scent of licorice could help to increase arousal in men by 13%. Now you know he can’t resist when you put on an aphrodisiac perfume with this particular scent.


Almonds are seen as a symbol of fertility and are thought to have potent aphrodisiac properties.

Aphrodisiac Perfume From Us

Bulan (‘moon’ in Malay) and Malam (‘night’ in Malay) are both gender-neutral pheromones that can boost confidence on your date night.

Bulan is formulated to elicit intense love and desire when worn. This perfume's goal is to put your partner under a ‘love spell’ as if every day is your honeymoon phase.

Malam is made to boost your confidence and is a great stress reliever and is suitable for a stress-free intimate night with your partner.